Fashionable Underwear for Stylish Women

Beautiful lingerie is a luxury you indulge in personally. At MADELEINE, we offer women's underwear with a confident sense of style and the knowledge that good quality is directly felt. Your underwear is worn directly on your skin. When it fits perfectly, you won't waste a thought all day on your bra, slip, camisole, thong, or panties. Sets made from silky soft materials, with seductive designs and optimal support, ensure that you feel attractive and comfortable. Only perfectly fitting women's underwear turns your outerwear into what it is: high-quality fashion that makes you look fantastic and carries you through the day with ease.

Camisoles and Panties for Comfort

Not only in cold winters but in every season, a camisole under a sweater or blouse is a pleasant companion. Ultra-thin cotton tops prevent your bra from showing under outerwear. During cold weather, camisoles protect the sensitive kidney area from drafts. For cooler days, we offer underwear – also in sets – made from cozy warm wool-silk blends.

In the summer heat, a camisole becomes an essential first layer of clothing, absorbing moisture and preventing unsightly stains on your clothes. Pretty camisoles in attractive colors, elegant patterns, and prints are ideal if you want to leave the top buttons of your blouse open. You can also confidently let a lace insert peek out from your outerwear.

Women's Underwear: It's All About the Fabric

At MADELEINE, you'll also find matching panties. A combination of a camisole and panties or a high-waisted panty in a matching design looks sophisticated and makes an ideal gift for a friend or yourself. Similar to camisoles, materials have a direct influence on the wearing properties of panties.

Cotton panties are particularly skin-friendly, offering high wearing comfort. Underwear sets made from tulle or lace, on the other hand, look charming. In cooler temperatures, wool and silk panties provide pleasant warmth, while lightweight cotton or microfiber panties are suitable for hot days. All materials you find online at MADELEINE are carefully chosen and crafted, offering an extremely comfortable wearing experience.

The Comeback of the Elegant Classic: the Slip

After being overlooked in fashion for a long time, the slip is making a comeback as an elegant and versatile classic. Loosely flowing slips, also known as negligees, are appreciated by many women as seductive nightgowns.

Especially if you enjoy wearing dresses, a high-quality slip is essential. It prevents a knit dress from statically clinging to your skin. If your dress or skirt is white or champagne-colored and slightly transparent, the slip protects against your underwear showing through. MADELEINE Mode also offers models with shaping effects. These slips made from elastic materials, also known as body liners, shape your body through gentle pressure, giving you a defined silhouette under form-fitting clothing.

Shape and Seduce – Shapewear

Women love lingerie because it's like a sweet secret that only they know. At MADELEINE, you'll find practical and seductive lingerie in various colors, shapes, and sizes. If you want to accentuate your feminine curves, bodysuits, shapewear, and close-fitting slips that gently shape your body, optimizing your proportions, are ideal.

Minimizer bras visually reduce a large bust, while push-up bras lift a smaller bust, making it appear larger. With a control brief or a firm body, you can effortlessly conceal a small belly. The women's underwear always feels lightweight, giving you full freedom of movement. Whether for special occasions or sports activities, with shaping women's underwear, you're well-equipped for every situation.

Special Occasion – Special Lingerie

Special occasions demand exceptionally beautiful yet fitting underwear. At MADELEINE, you'll find women's underwear that you can perfectly wear under your evening wear. Strapless bodysuits and bras, seamless panties, and slips remain completely invisible under a fine dress or an elegant pantsuit.

Make every day a special day by wearing high-quality lingerie that caresses your skin and makes you feel satisfied with your body. Whether it's an elegant camisole or a bra, an underdress made from Egyptian Mako cotton or a delicate lace bodysuit in red or black – what you find attractive and enjoy wearing will make you radiate outwardly.

Women's Underwear in Many Colors and Sizes

When choosing your underwear sets, always consider the outerwear you'll be wearing. Cream-colored underwear is ideal under sheer clothing, as it won't show through a blouse or dress. If you love expressive colors and regularly own blouses and shirts in trendy colors, feel free to experiment with your underwear and wear colors and prints that match your outerwear.

White camisoles and slips look innocent and pure, while black lingerie makes you look intoxicating. At MADELEINE, you'll find underwear in numerous classic colors and trendy shades. Discover elegant lingerie sets as well as alluring lingerie sets comprising T-shirt bras, sports bras, or lace bras, panties or hipsters, and underdresses or slips. Many models are available in sizes ranging from 34 to 48.