Stylish Pants for Women

Elegant women's chinos, culottes, or palazzo pants for office and evening wear, jeans, leggings, and cargo pants for leisure, or leather pants for an extravagant touch - at MADELEINE, every woman finds her style. Alongside the type of pants and the respective look, the selection of the right women's pants depends on one's figure: Not every pair suits every body type; some women's pants accentuate specific figures advantageously and conceal unwanted curves. When choosing the perfect pants, the key criteria are the cut, fit, material, and color. Find your ideal model with a comfortable fit for your wardrobe online!

From chic to casual - explore the variety in the shop

Since the 1950s, women's pants have been a staple in all social circles. Women wear appropriate legwear for every imaginable occasion. Besides classic leisure pants like jeans, shorts, and cargo pants, the range includes numerous models specially designed for formal or festive occasions. This includes suit pants, silk trousers, linen pants, and various types of elegant models in stretch quality.

Each variant offers entirely different characteristics: Denim pants are casual and comfortable, especially when designed in a loose-fit style. Cargo pants are valued for their durable versatility but may not suit every body type. White linen pants, on the other hand, symbolize summer lightness, while wool trousers combine warmth and elegance. Chino pants accentuate a youthful clothing style, whereas silk pants represent exclusive taste.

Elegant Women's Pants for Curves

Given the vast variety of models and cuts, choosing women's pants involves many decisions. In general, legs dressed in dark colors appear slimmer. Consider the interplay between the pants' cut and your figure when making a purchase. For women with wider hips, trousers with a low-sitting, narrow waistband are ideal, as are models with tightly fitted side pockets.

For those with a rounded derrière, avoid conspicuous back pockets. Alternatively, opt for trousers where the back pockets sit close together, creating the illusion of a smaller rear. Marlene trousers with wide legs are ideal for camouflaging hefty legs and a larger posterior. However, women with a flatter bottom should avoid Marlene pants. Women with shorter legs benefit from slightly flared pant legs, which visually elongate the figure.

The Right Model for Petite Women

For petite women, straight-cut trousers are an excellent choice. This cut suits almost all body types, giving shapely legs a beautiful form and making thin legs appear well-proportioned. If they're fabric trousers, creases further contribute to elongating the leg.

For example, high-waisted chinos suit petite ladies well, emphasizing their figure. Cargo pants are particularly suitable for slim women, as they add volume with features like pockets and loops on the buttocks and thighs.

The Perfect Jeans for Your Figure

When it comes to jeans, finding the right model for your size is essential. Loose-fitting pants in a boyfriend cut are particularly suitable for tall, slim women: wide pants with a relaxed cut, also known as loose fit. Bootcut jeans, on the other hand, can be worn by women with more robust legs without looking unflattering. Roll up the trouser legs to just above the ankles to make your legs appear slimmer. Pair ankle-length pants with high heels in bold colors to accentuate the narrowest point.

Small, petite women appear taller in flared trousers paired with heeled shoes. The popular skinny fit, which snugly fits like leggings due to its tight cut with stretch, suits slender women, as does the Bengalin trousers in a slim fit. Skinny jeans have a similar effect: when cuffed, they lengthen the legs and slim down the wearer's silhouette. In MADELEINE's shop, you'll find jeans that suit you in sizes 34 to 48.

Exclusive Fabric and Color Choices for Pants

The choice of material and color is as crucial as the fit. Women's trousers crafted with a wool blend drape smoothly and caress the legs. Pants with a lot of stretch sit snugly and contour the figure. Wearers appreciate natural materials for their high wearing comfort. Synthetic fibers offer other advantages: they make the pants easy to care for and shape-retentive, conforming to female contours. Linen is particularly refreshing for warm summer days, feeling cool and light while offering high comfort.

The array of colors is vast: slender women have it slightly easier, as they can wear everything from vividly colorful, bold reds, elegant whites, or eccentric patterns, depending on the occasion. For women with pronounced hips or thighs, the right color can shape their curves visually: opt for dark tones like black, gray, or deep blue instead of large patterns, horizontal stripes, or overly bright colors! As long as they're not skinny jeans, larger sizes can also pull off white jeans splendidly. Add splashes of color with fashionable details like belts, bags, and eye-catching jewelry. Explore the range online at MADELEINE and find the perfect women's pants for your look.