Enjoy Leisure Time with Women's Homewear

With wonderfully soft women's homewear, you can make yourself particularly cozy after work, on weekends, or during vacations. Whether you're watching TV, inviting friends for a game night, or settling onto the couch with a good book, the homesuits from MADELEINE accompany every leisure hour ideally, combining comfortable wear, freedom of movement, and high quality. Wear pants, tracksuits, dressing gowns, shirts, sweaters, or jackets from the homewear collection and experience pure relaxation. Explore a wide selection in MADELEINE's online shop and discover high-quality loungewear for yourself.

Loungewear: Soft Materials and Cuts

A women's loungewear suit is especially practical and cozy, typically made from high-quality materials like breathable cotton, airy linen, velour, comfortable modal, and fabric blends such as viscose. These skin-friendly materials gently caress your body, creating a homely and comforting feel.

At the same time, the cuts of leisure suits are designed for comfort. A leisure suit lightly drapes over your body - just enough to lightly accentuate your figure. Moreover, the women's loungewear is so elastic that it moves with every motion. This ensures you feel well taken care of during your relaxation moments and can fully indulge in leisurely activities.

To exhibit style even in casual attire for home and leisure, many leisure suits come with fine extras. Glittering sequins, contrasting seams, and trendy prints give your cozy homewear that extra flair. Exotic floral patterns, sparkling embellishments, and playful transparent inserts elevate the loungewear into a fashionable companion.

Leisure Suits for Wellness and Beach: Comfortably Chic

MADELEINE's women's homewear impressively showcases that fashionable chic and high comfort can coexist. The right leisure and homewear are perfect for various occasions, such as a trip to the wellness oasis. With a comfortable leisure pant and a practical fleece jacket with a zipper, you're perfectly equipped - whether in the morning with a green smoothie on the terrace or during a morning beach stroll.

Besides tracksuits for sports activities, wellness pants are an excellent choice. Wear them to the gym or on vacation during a poolside yoga class, as these comfortable pants not only shape a slender leg but also offer full freedom of movement for any sport. Small details like rhinestones or modern prints add an extra flair to the outfit. Playful designs cloak lively personalities fashionably secure; romantic floral designs or sequin embellishments give the final touch for romantics.

Women's Homewear in Your Colours

The comfy pants, tracksuits, and pajamas come in various colors, allowing you to set fresh accents. If you prefer tops in bold colors, a black or gray pant is the most practical, eliminating the need to ponder how to combine both.

For those who prefer variety, opt for leisurewear in contrasting colors or vivid tones like blue, light green, dark red, or turquoise. It's even easier to directly choose complete sets from MADELEINE online. Here, colors and cuts are already coordinated, and your outfit looks seamless.

High-Quality Leisurewear for Relaxation

For those who tend to get slightly chilly during quiet moments, consider adding a sweater or jacket to your leisure outfit. These two pieces are slightly longer than your usual everyday wear. Typically, jackets and sweaters extend to the hips. However, with our women's leisure and homewear, we aim to warmly embrace your whole body. You should feel cozy and comfortable. That's why many jackets are loosely cut, allowing you to comfortably wrap them around you without needing to fasten them. Hoods provide additional warmth and protect your neck and head.

From now on, you can enjoy mild evenings on the porch swing even longer, thanks to the women's homewear that offers numerous cuddly soft and warming articles. The range of sizes in women's leisurewear at MADELEINE is extensive. You'll find items online in sizes 8 to 22. It's advisable to choose a larger size than your own for leisurewear so that you can snuggle comfortably into the wonderfully spacious garments during your cozy hours.