Noble Underwear and Dreamily Beautiful Lingerie for Every Occasion.

Lingerie has various facets: a chic bodysuit, an elegant lace bra, the snug-fitting panty with imaginative prints, or even captivating lingerie aren't just additional pretty garments stylishly complementing a lady's wardrobe. Elegant intimate wear is pure luxury, looks enticing, and instills confidence. When your lingerie fits perfectly, it provides support and assists you in presenting your best self. At MADELEINE Mode, you'll find enchanting women's underwear in sizes 34 to 50. Whether you're looking for comfortable lingerie for everyday wear or enchanting lingerie for special moments – MADELEINE presents luxurious lingerie for every occasion.

Complex and versatile: The flawlessly fitting bra.

A bra is a complexly cut garment, consisting of up to 60 individual pieces. Bras come in different shapes, from demi-cup to full-cup bras, with outer straps or variably positioned straps, with or without underwire. Regardless of the style you choose, your bra should always feel comfortable and be barely noticeable in everyday wear. It fits correctly when the breast sits on the underwire and the center part lies against the body. The cup or the bra should not dig in, and the back part should fit snugly without riding up.

If you enjoy wearing blouses or form-fitting shirts, a molded cup bra is ideal. The smooth cups add volume to a smaller bust and create a beautiful shape even for fuller cup sizes. The firmer the cup, the narrower the lady's silhouette appears. If you wish to visually reduce a larger bust, a minimizer is a good solution. The non-elastic cup holds the breast back, making it appear significantly smaller under a close-fitting garment. At MADELEINE, choose between T-shirt bras, sports bras, push-up bras, bralettes, and other models for your occasion.

An overview of panties – women's underwear in perfect fits.

At the MADELEINE online shop, you'll discover not only various bra styles but also an exclusive selection of panties in all sizes. The thong is the smallest type of panty; it looks enticing and is ideal under a snug-fitting skirt or pants made from flowing fabric, preventing any lines from showing through.

With a hipster or jazz pant, the buttocks are covered. Thanks to their fit, they remain invisible under hip-hugging jeans. The slightly higher waist panty reaches just below the navel and provides pleasant warmth. Lace string panties look very elegant even in larger sizes. If you wish to conceal any extra curves, consider a shaping panty or high-waisted shaping shorts, which give the buttocks, and with the right design, the thighs, a beautiful line. Find the perfect panty for your needs!

Finest women's underwear: elegant camisoles and undershirts.

Elegant camisoles and undershirts never go out of style. Luxurious materials like Mako cotton or silk ensure a pleasant wearing experience. On cooler days, half-sleeve or long-sleeve tops made from a wool-silk blend provide warmth. High-quality daywear remains in shape even after numerous washes.

A silk camisole with lace is the ideal undergarment beneath a V-neck sweater, while smooth cotton undershirts look elegant under blouses and shirts. Like a bra and panties, an undershirt fits close to the body without digging in. High-quality intimate wear allows you absolute freedom of movement and offers the support you desire.

Shapewear – underwear that shapes your figure.

Which woman doesn't sometimes wish to slightly enhance certain areas of her body? With shapewear, you can visually reduce your measurements at selected body parts by several centimeters effortlessly, creating a feminine, slim image. The MADELEINE online shop offers shaping bodysuits, high-waisted shaping shorts, and body liners.

For example, if you're looking for women's underwear that shapes a great figure under an evening gown, shapewear should be your first choice. Do you like wearing knit dresses or sweaters? A bodysuit shapes a narrow waist under dresses and long knits – no edges of your shapewear are visible then.

Lace or luxury? Elegant lingerie for special occasions.

Lace lingerie is exciting, and many women love wearing it for special occasions. Lingerie whose straps, cups, and seams don't show through outer clothing is suitable for daily wear. However, women's underwear can do more than just look fantastic and fit comfortably. It's provocative and gives you an irresistible allure, both as sexy lingerie and as sophisticated, understated lingerie.

Regardless of your size, at MADELEINE, there's delicate lingerie for every body. Lace and embroidery accentuate a feminine look, playing with transparent and opaque fabrics. Even if you prefer elegant simplicity, the online range offers exciting lingerie: with shiny silk tops and delicate slips, you'll find elegant women's underwear that makes you feel good all day long.

Women's underwear for a stylish look – your colors.

White lingerie radiates purity and elegance, while black lingerie has something seductive and mysterious. Powder tones, champagne, and nude hues are colors you can wear inconspicuously under light outer clothing. By choosing trendy colors like red, blue, or green, you make a fashionable statement. The colorful straps are allowed to peek out under a low-cut shirt or a chiffon blouse. This makes women's underwear fun and always ensures you look good.

Browse online at MADELEINE for daring lingerie, comfortably functional underwear for daily wear, or figure-shaping shapewear like shaping shorts, bodysuits, and push-up corsets. Find your stylish women's underwear that confidently accompanies you in every situation now.