Exclusive Bras at MADELEINE Mode

High-quality bras look alluring and fulfill several functions at once. They provide support to your bust while offering freedom of movement and comfort throughout the day. Additionally, a well-fitted bra shapes an attractive décolletage and ensures optimal fit for your outerwear. The high expectations women have for their bras are reflected in the production process: an ordinary underwire bra consists of more than 60 different parts. Equally vast is the diversity in fabrics, cuts, and designs: whether underwire bras, push-up bras, bustiers, or sports bras – at MADELEINE, you'll find bras online in many exciting designs and styles that perfectly suit your body.

Buying bras online – finding your size

You want to buy a high-quality bra that looks attractive and gives you optimal support? You might have noticed that it's not easy to find the bra that fits flawlessly. What exactly does a ""good fit"" mean?

A bra – whether with or without underwire – fits perfectly when it lifts the bust to a position level with the mid-distance between the shoulder and elbow. The back part of the bra should bear the weight of the bust, not the straps. The center part should lay flat against the skin without gaping. Straps and back should not dig into the skin. Test if you can comfortably slide a hand under the back part. The cups should be well-filled, but the underwire and cups should never dig in.

Correctly measuring bras: Here's how

The majority of women are unsure if they wear the right bra size. Many ladies tend to choose a bra band that is too loose and a cup size that is too small. To find your optimal size, the underbust measurement is crucial. Fasten the measuring tape snugly and then measure the circumference of the fullest part of your bust.

At MADELEINE, you'll find a size chart where you can determine the correct bra size from the measured values. This comprises a number representing the underbust measurement and a letter denoting the cup size. At MADELEINE Mode, you'll find a wide selection of stylish bras for small, medium, and large sizes.

T-shirt bras: beautiful bras for everyday wear

Once a woman knows her bra size, buying new bras becomes a real pleasure. Whether you're exercising, working, or going out in the evening – the right bra, with or without underwire, gives you stable support in all situations. In everyday life and in the office, the so-called T-shirt bra is helpful in giving the bust a perfect shape under outerwear. These bras have a stable cup made of smooth material that doesn't show through thin cotton blouses and shirts. Unlike the classic push-up bra, these molded cup bras don't increase the bust size; they simply give it a nice, round shape.

At MADELEINE Mode, women can find practical and beautiful T-shirt bras even in larger cup sizes. Choose a simple color like black or white for a classic bra – they go well with many outfits. For special moments or to add a splash of color to your everyday wear, colors like red, pink, or gold are excellent choices. Especially bras with lace invite an elegant color selection.

Lace bras: elegant lingerie

At MADELEINE Mode, you'll find attractive bras not only for everyday or professional life but also for life's special moments. They are made from delicate materials like tulle or exquisite lace. Seductive underwire bras at the MADELEINE online shop are adorned with enchanting details. Whether vibrant colors, decorated straps, or ornate clasps – in these bras, you'll look fantastic.

Models with outer straps or strapless variations promise high wearing comfort and can be excellently combined with low-cut evening wear and elegant blouses. Pay attention here: the bra straps, which are also often adorned, should either match the color of your outerwear or stylishly contrast. If a strap happens to peek out, it perfectly fits your color scheme.

Push-up bras and shapewear – how the right lingerie enhances your appearance

The right shapewear helps highlight the areas of your body you wish to support. A push-up bra transforms a smaller bust into a dreamy décolletage. Similarly, a molded cup bra or demi-cup bra makes your bust appear more ample and is a good choice for both small and medium cup sizes. A particularly attractive choice is the bralette: the soft bra without padding or underwire showcases your bust in a seductive deep 'V' and serves as a sophisticated alternative to the conventional bra.

If you wear a larger size, a minimizer bra helps reduce your bust size visually by a few centimeters. This works well, especially with large-patterned and light solid-colored tops. Pay attention to uniformity in your bra and panty combination to enhance the effect: many bras have matching panties with shaping effects that flatten your stomach and make your buttocks attractively round. Utilize shapewear, a bustier, or a push-up bra to present yourself as you wish to be seen.

The right bra for every woman at MADELEINE

Bras at MADELEINE come in many styles and designs. The wide range of sizes and styles allows you to find a bra that perfectly fits your body and your personal requirements – for every occasion. Choose between T-shirt bras and sports bras, underwire bras and wire-free bras with molded cups, minimizer bras and push-up bras in your size and color.