The MADELEINE collections contain exclusive high-fashion designs, self-assured business fashion, versatile mix-and-match basics, on-trend accessories and luxurious lingerie. We are continually monitoring the international fashion world’s latest trends and giving them a MADELEINE twist, which can result in as many as ten ultra-hot fashion collections per year.

Typical MADELEINE customers are style-conscious women who won’t settle for second best, with a keen interest in fashion, with self-confidence and ambition, and with a taste for high-quality fabrics and luxury. Women who want to be perfectly dressed for the part, whatever the occasion.

Whether you come into contact with us online or through the catalogue, we as a company place great importance on personal service, tailor-made advice and creating a unique and pleasurable shopping experience for our customers.

The MADELEINE collection is available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom.


In addition to teamwork, flexibility and curiosity, other values at the heart of our working approach include creativity, competence and a can-do attitude – these principles all characterise our team. Not to mention, of course, lots of fun and a passion for fashion.


1977: The story begins

MADELEINE was born in July 1977 – a team of 3 people creates the first collection.

1978: Premiere

The first Spring/Summer collection is launched with the publication of a 52-page catalogue, promoted with the slogan ‘Exclusive Fashion’.

1988: The Logo

This year the MADELEINE Logo was developed which is still being used to this day.

1989: Off to Switzerland

MADELEINE fashion also becomes available in Switzerland. The newly named MADELEINE ‘Feeling’ catalogue provides our customers with insights into the latest fashion trends for the season to come.

1992: MADELEINE in Austria

One year after the opening of the first German MADELEINE Shop, Switzerland follows: the shop in St. Gallen is the first MADELEINE store outside of Germany. As MADELEINE continues to gain ground in the Alps, MADELEINE Austria is founded in Linz.

1993: More MADELEINE

The introduction of the ‘Combi’ catalogue. This marks the first time that MADELEINE presents a 60-page collection of mix-and-match items – versatile combinations are one of MADELEINE’s strengths – which set themselves apart in terms of their luxury finish and wide variety of colours. From now on, ‘Combi’ will be published twice per year.

1999: Vive la France

MADELEINE continues to expand to France and the exclusive style of fashion is now available in four European countries. The final new development of the 20th century is the publication of the Christmas catalogue.

2001: First summertime collection

The new ‘Summertime’ catalogue is launched – 52 pages of dazzling summer fashion highlights. This year also marks MADELEINE’s venture into new territory: for the first time ever, part of the collection is available online.

2003: Milestone

A quarter of a century down the line, MADELEINE celebrates its 25th anniversary!

2005: Sign of the times

In October of this year, the MADELEINE website is revamped and the entire collection becomes available online.

2007: Growing family

MADELEINE welcomes a new addition to the family this year – and Belgian women welcome the arrival of MADELEINE’s exclusive fashion items in their country – as a subsidiary opens in Belgium.

2008: Two new countries

Our exclusive fashion collection celebrates reaching another milestone – MADELEINE has been going strong for 30 years! And to make the celebrations complete, new colleagues join us in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

2011: Online shopping

The revised web shop will be online in April, and the first "Online Exclusive" collection will be released.

2018: 40 years of fashion

40 years since MADELEINE began. A special year celebrating four decades of timeless, sophisticated fashion with dedicated Anniversary Collections.