MADELEINE Swimwear for Women - Functional and Elegant

At our store, you'll find women's swimwear in various shapes, colors, and cuts, from elegant to sporty. Appealing models, refined patterns, and high-quality materials are the best prerequisites for your comfort - and that's exactly what the MADELEINE swimwear collection offers. Here, you'll discover an exclusive selection of fashionable bikinis, elegant swimsuits, and versatile tankinis. So that you can make a good impression on your way to the beach or the pool with your swimwear, we offer airy tunics and beach dresses that you can combine with your women's swimwear for a stylish outfit.

Extravagant Bikinis for Comfort

A bikini is a fashionable two-piece and is among the most popular models of feminine swimwear. One of its advantages is the wide variety of cuts. The classic version features a simple bottom and a top with soft cups and underwires. This bottom shape flatters the posterior, while the top, besides its appealing shape, offers good support. Alternatively, the bandeau style, without straps, is available in women's swimwear. Often, it has integrated supports on the sides and can be closed at the back with a hook.

The third variation in this swimwear is the triangle bikinis. The top consists of two triangular cups and bands that close at the back and neck with a lacing or hook. These models are particularly favored by women who want a sporty look, as these swimsuits are often worn by surfers. However, when selecting the right bikini, it's not just about the appearance but also about the intended use. For example, if you swim a lot and enjoy it, we recommend women's swimwear with underwires. This ensures that nothing shifts while swimming and diving.

Discover Tankinis and Topkinis as Alternatives

Tankinis and topkinis consist of a longer top and a matching bottom. With this women's swimwear, the belly is almost completely covered, which many women find much more comfortable, especially in public. The possible variations in this women's swimwear range from strapless tops in corset style, halter-neck to conventional shoulder-strap models. Many of our products are characterized by creative details such as clever cuts, chic ruching, and appealing applications like small bows. These details stand out when combined with large patterns or unusual color gradients. In our swimwear collection, you'll also find solid-colored topkinis that appear very discreet and stylish.

Women's Swimwear that Flatters the Figure – High-Quality Swimsuits

Swimsuits offer high wearing comfort and are suitable for petite figures as well as for more ample women. A swimsuit especially highlights the midsection: the firm fabric gives the stomach good support and shapes the silhouette. This effect is further enhanced with a black model and even large patterns can make you appear slimmer. Especially for swimming, this women's swimwear is an excellent choice as it provides good support even during vigorous movements. Women with sensitive skin also tend to prefer a swimsuit, as this swimwear exposes less skin directly to the sun's rays.

Buying Well-Fitting Women's Swimwear Online

When it comes to swimwear, it's especially important to pay attention to a good fit. We offer women's swimwear in sizes 10 to 20, cup sizes range from B to D. Women with a large bust should opt for bikinis with wide straps. These support the breasts without uncomfortably cutting into the shoulders. An underbust band also provides pleasant support and looks visually appealing. Underwires are suitable for every cup size and shape the breasts. Cups with a push-up effect make the chest appear larger and are suitable for smaller bust sizes.

Versatile Beachwear

In addition to attractive swimwear, our women's swimwear collection includes vacation-worthy beachwear in various designs. These are meant to be worn over, for example, on the way to the beach. However, an elegant beach dress can also be worn in the hotel lobby or at a beach bar. Even while strolling along the promenade, it gives you the feeling of being dressed and also protects you from excessive sun exposure. Many variations in the swimwear range are cut to gently caress the wearer's figure and positively accentuate it. The same applies to the tunics in our collection. Combined with an airy skirt or stylish shorts, you can create an everyday summer outfit in no time.

MADELEINE Swimwear with Colors for Every Skin Type

Since women show a lot of skin in any swimwear, color is essential for a stylish appearance. For this reason, you'll find an exclusive selection of colors for every woman at our store. Dark, bold colors suit women with a darker complexion well. If you want to stand out, choose a white or cream-colored model to create an attractive contrast to your tan. If your skin is fair and tans slowly, swimwear in vibrant colors is recommended. Choose your swimwear to match your hair type to create a harmonious overall impression. For example, green swimwear looks appealing on redheads, while blondes are ideally dressed in blue tones. Brunette women, on the other hand, should opt for warm tones available in our store.