Exquisite Bikinis for Women

When French fashion designer Louis Réard patented the bikini for women in 1946, he set a fashion revolution in motion – even though the female two-piece only became socially acceptable in the late '50s. Today, the bikini has nearly replaced the swimsuit and is an integral part of the swimwear repertoire for style-conscious women at the beach or pool. Order your favorite model easily online at MADELEINE.

Bikinis in High-Quality Textures

MADELEINE has assembled stylish bikinis for sophisticated women that allow you to make a great impression and feel completely comfortable. Bikini bottoms and bikini tops are garments worn directly on the body. Therefore, excellent material quality is particularly important for swimwear. Lightweight fabrics feel airy and comfortable in warm temperatures. Flexible and durable fabrics made from polyester, polyamide, and elastane offer the great advantage of quick drying. You can recognize high-quality craftsmanship by firm yet flat seams that don't dig into the skin. Adjustable straps on the bikini top, snug soft cups, and lovely decorative elements are details that can enhance comfort.

Triangle, Bandeau Bikini, or Push-Up Top – The Cut Makes the Difference

The bikini symbolizes femininity and joie de vivre. It brings joy when the top is precisely tailored to your figure. For a smaller bust, a triangle-style top with thin straps fastened around the neck – a so-called triangle bikini – is suitable. If the bridge between the two cups is rather low, it may make the bust appear somewhat larger. Tops with a push-up effect and lightly padded bustier bikinis create a slightly fuller décolleté. Bustier bikinis with their typical tank-top cut give any woman a sporty touch and stable support for ample movement.

A bandeau bikini, often adorned with ruching or draping, visually enlarges the bust and ensures a comfortable fit with the often widely set neckholder. To emphasize the shoulders, wear the bandeau bikini without straps. Models with incorporated underwires offer firm support. Especially for a larger bust or if you want to properly showcase your bust, underwire bandeau bikinis are a good choice. Solid-colored variants in dark tones, like black, visually reduce a larger bust. Tops with exciting details like fringes and ruffles skillfully divert attention from wider hips. If a bikini is too little but a swimsuit too much fabric, an alternative is the tankini, consisting of bikini bottoms and a top that covers the stomach.

Bikinis in the Perfect Size for Women

Besides cut and style, the right size is crucial for the perfect fit of women's swimwear. A beautiful two-piece comprising bikini bottoms and a bikini top fits ideally when it doesn't constrict. Simultaneously, it should fit snugly enough not to slip during waves or a stroll on the beach. Once you've found the right size for your bikini bottoms, MADELEINE Mode offers bikini tops in sizes 34A to 48D.

The top – with or without underwire – fits perfectly when it lifts the bust so that it sits precisely between the shoulder and elbow. The back part should support the bust without cutting into the skin. The midsection should lay flat against the skin without standing out. The cups should be well-filled but also not cut into the skin. At MADELEINE, you'll find selected models in various bottom and cup sizes, catering to different proportions.

The Bikini Bottom for Your Figure

The ideal bikini for women discreetly hugs your body, skillfully accentuates your strengths, and conceals minor problem areas, similar to the swimsuit. Pay attention not only to the top but also to the bikini bottom when purchasing a new bikini. A brief hipster-style bottom effectively highlights a flat stomach. Attractive ruching and a high-waisted cut of the bikini bottom flatter feminine curves and create a slightly slimmer appearance for the belly and hips.

Wide hips can be skillfully concealed with the right bikini bottom. A bikini bottom with a high leg cut and narrow side bands visually elongates the legs by several centimeters, thus elongating your silhouette. Additionally, choose the bikini bottom in subtle colors like black or gray to draw attention to more flattering areas, such as the top. Women looking to disguise their feminine curves should avoid side-tied bikini bottoms as they make the hips appear wider.

Designs to Fall in Love With!

When women opt for a bikini over a swimsuit, they often have a clear idea of the suitable color. Solid-colored models score with their simple elegance. Black colors make the bust appear slightly smaller, while tops in bright colors draw attention to the upper body. Small floral patterns, leopard prints, or classic paisley look elegant and emphasize feminine curves.

Consider not only your personal favorite color but also your skin tone when choosing between cool or warm tones. Pale-skinned women should avoid both black and white models. Instead, opt for muted colors like delicate yellow or red, light green, or turquoise. Darker skin types can opt for a wider range of colors, including pastels, blues, as well as silver and gold tones. According to your taste, you may also choose a colorful scarf, a shimmering necklace and matching earrings, a flowing skirt, or well-fitting jeans. A colorful bikini top is an exciting eye-catcher when peeking out from under a summer blouse.