Exclusive Beachwear for Women

Whether it's a long-distance trip, a river cruise, or a wellness vacation on an island – those enjoying the sun and beach are best equipped with high-quality beachwear for women. In the online store at MADELEINE, alongside swimwear, you'll find a wide selection of airy, light, and summery beautiful beach dresses, tunics, beach trousers, shorts, tops, and pareos. With this exclusive beachwear, fashion-savvy women are stylishly dressed during the most beautiful time of the year and enjoy their vacation to the fullest. Light fabrics, fresh designs, and numerous combinations make this swimwear the perfect holiday companion – find your favorite pieces online.

Sun-Protected with Tunics, Dresses, and Pareos

Nothing is as relaxing as a trip to the seaside. To ensure both the mind and body optimally recover, appropriate beachwear is essential to protect against excessive sun or strong winds. No sunscreen offers as much protection from potentially harmful UV rays as clothes, beach trousers, and other women's beachwear that can be quickly thrown over a bikini or swimsuit.

If you'd like to give your skin a break from the sun, a shirt-style dress provides excellent protection. A tunic with long sleeves serves the same function while remaining wonderfully light and airy. On very hot days, opt for sleeveless beach dresses or those with short sleeves, featuring a halter neckline, or a light skirt. A pareo cloth offers various wearing options: you decide whether to loosely tie it around your hips, wear it as a blouse, or casually drape it over your shoulders.

Light Fabrics – Small Luggage, Great Effect

For your trip to the south, use beachwear that takes up as little space in your suitcase as possible! It should be light and look elegant even after repeated wearing. MADELEINE presents you with delicate fashion in which you're perfectly dressed on vacation. Choose between cotton, linen, or viscose, or feel the gentle touch of silk and fine lyocell blends.

Light polyester fabrics, on the other hand, have the particular advantage of fitting well, weighing little, and not wrinkling. Women's beach dresses made of polyester are often referred to as travel dresses – you take them out of the suitcase, put them on, and look good immediately. If, by chance, some sunscreen or ice cream drips on your dress, you can easily clean it in the sink with a dash of delicate detergent, rinse briefly, and wear it again directly on the hanger after a few hours.

Flattering Cuts for Women

On vacation, women like to present their best side. In exclusive beachwear, they feel comfortable in all situations. Thanks to intelligent cuts that can easily compete with classic outerwear, beach dresses conceal minor problem areas. Optically slim down your waist with a waist belt or a crossed neckline. Conceal heavier thighs with a pareo cloth or a shirt-style dress. A halterneck dress with built-in cups highlights your décolleté in the best light.

Oversized scarves are too precious to simply tie around the hips: create your own beachwear using sophisticated wrapping methods and tie your pareo as a toga or blouse, skillfully emphasizing your advantages. A-line dresses also work over a swimsuit or bikini to specifically draw attention to your strengths.

How to Combine Your Swimwear

With fashionable beachwear, women can easily create a stylish outfit that's perfect for the beach bar or when heading into town. Matching beachwear to the exact bikini or swimsuit, whether with a V-neck, deep neckline, or even cut-outs for subtle peeks, looks elegant and is ideal clothing for cruises or stays in luxury resorts.

Look for suitable accessories as well – large bangles complement sophisticated beach dresses well. Necklaces and chokers make the look suitable for the beach bar or café. Pair your beachwear with a pair of fashionable sandals with cork heels or casually with comfortable flip-flops. A spacious bast bag isn't just a charming addition that completes the beachwear; it also offers plenty of space for towels, creams, and a good book. Sunglasses and a wide-brimmed sun hat protect sensitive eyes and your skin from too much sun and can be coordinated well in color.

Where You Can Wear Your Beachwear

With elegant beachwear, women are perfectly dressed for vacation. A transparent tunic and a pareo provide protection during an extensive beach walk and give you casual elegance. If you plan to visit a café in your beachwear, opt for opaque dresses made of lightweight fabrics. Depending on the location, choose fresh patterns or elegant variants in muted colours.

The kaftan is a very wide, sometimes floor-length variation of a beach dress. This interpretation of exclusive beachwear is welcome in all countries and ideal for the way from the hotel to the beach. Or bring your holiday feeling home and relax in a comfortable dress in the garden. This way, you bridge the time until your next unforgettable trip.