Exclusive Bodies for Discerning Women

Bodies are more than just well-fitted underwear for women. They are attractive lingerie that bolsters your confidence, delicate garments that gently embrace your skin, helping you showcase your best self. At MADELEINE, women will find an exclusive selection: in addition to classic bodysuits with built-in underwire and lace inserts, you'll find models that you can wear as outerwear instead of a blouse or a top – as well as under a dress or close-fitting clothing to shape your silhouette and ensure a good fit for your outfit. This allows you to cleverly accentuate your curves.

Bodies – lingerie so beautiful you should show it off

Have you ever wondered what the point of tasteful underwear is if only a very exclusive circle gets to see it? Discover daywear bodies for yourself. These feel like a snug-fitting top and are accordingly airy. As long-sleeve shirts, they are a chic alternative under a blazer during transitional seasons. They function like blouses at the office or at parties and celebrations.

The advantage over ordinary outerwear is evident: you don't have to worry about whether your clothes fit well. The bodysuit cannot slip, allowing you to relax and enjoy your successful outfit. Since the underwear already integrates the panties into the top, it shapes a uniform, smooth line throughout the day, without leaving unwanted edges.

Shaping effect: Elegant lingerie that fits perfectly

Every woman has a unique body with certain areas she loves more than others. Our elegant lingerie accentuates your body's advantages because it fits perfectly. With underwires, padding, and elastic materials, they skillfully showcase your body, providing seductive comfort. A shaping bodysuit creates a flattering silhouette, harmonizing the proportions of the bust, abdomen, and buttocks.

Thanks to elastic lace and modern microfibers, even a shaping bodysuit despite its firming function feels delicate and light. In MADELEINE's range, women will find exquisite lingerie bodies that exude seductive allure like lingerie, giving them confidence in their bodies. If you love sensual lingerie and want to shine with a great figure, you'll discover the shaping designs for yourself.

The right size for the optimal effect

If you're unsure about which size to choose, factors for high wearing comfort include: besides the cup size, the length and width should be right, ensuring the elegant piece fits well around the waist and buttocks. With firm cups or integrated underwires, orient yourself by your bra size, derived from your underbust measurement in centimeters and the cup size.

If you're taller than average, order the garment in the next larger underbust size. This will make it wider and longer overall. Bodies that you wear as outerwear are usually available in standard clothing sizes or in sizes ranging from S to XL. In the online shop of MADELEINE Mode, you'll find underwire bodies and lace bodies, stretch bodies, relief bodies, and many other variations up to size 46 or 48.

Bodies in every conceivable color

With a basic bodysuit in a neutral color like black or white, you play it safe when choosing your underwear. Ivory or cream-colored versions remain invisible under white blouses or light tops. Conversely, a seductively red model with lace subtly shines through light outerwear. Dark colors like black should ideally be worn only under dark clothing or knitwear, where your lingerie remains completely hidden.

Lace looks beautiful and delicate. High-quality stretch lace in the front and exciting cut-outs provide seductive glimpses. Select patterns convey feminine elegance, while bold prints transform each piece into a unique item. Long-sleeve bodysuits in black pair wonderfully with a festive blazer and a skirt. Discover lingerie that suits you perfectly.

Why women wear bodies

Bodies are ideal lingerie for both everyday wear and special occasions. For work, a bodysuit with light shaping function is ideal. It shapes your body under a business suit or pantsuit, ensuring that your blouse or blazer fits perfectly. Yet, you still enjoy complete freedom of movement while sitting or standing.

For instance, with a long-sleeve or blouse bodysuit, you're well-protected during sports. The snug fit is especially comfortable while running. Whether hiking or practicing yoga, these features are advantageous. Smooth women's bodies made of soft materials do not chafe against your skin, and unlike an undershirt, they do not slip. They reliably provide warmth, especially in the kidney area, which quickly cools in drafts. Discover your perfect model at MADELEINE now!