Snug and Stylish: Faux Fur for Winter Fashion!

Faux fur, the darling of winter fashion, adds both warmth and style to a woman's wardrobe. It's the ultimate choice for battling icy temperatures with elegance. Whether your style leans toward sophistication or casual chic, MADELEINE's online shop boasts a stunning collection of Fake Fur jackets, coats, and vests that cater to every taste. What ties all these models together? Uncompromising quality that's visible and tangible. Collaborating solely with selected suppliers for our Fake Fur items, MADELEINE ensures you'll relish your new cuddly coat for years to come.

Styling Faux Fur Jackets and Coats:

The beauty of our Fake Fur jackets and coats lies in their versatility, much like the diverse style preferences of our fashion-savvy MADELEINE customers. Elevate the cozy factor by pairing them with high-quality knitwear crafted from cashmere or fine wool. You have the freedom to wear your Faux Fur coat or jacket with dresses, skirts, or pants. Opt for slim-cut styles to balance typically loose silhouettes. Embrace a casual look by pairing your Fake Fur coat with trendy sneakers, winter boots, or biker boots. For more formal occasions or business attire, well-maintained ankle boots, elegant boots, or loafers complement these coats perfectly. Fake Fur vests, on the other hand, are ideal for sunny winter days and transitional seasons.

Trending Fake Fur Styles:

Oversized models are currently stealing the spotlight. These oversized jackets and coats made of Fake Fur offer a fusion of sporty and chic styling possibilities.

One highly sought-after Fake Fur style is the teddy bear coat, sporting warm brown and cream tones. Inspired by shearling (lambskin), this plush material mimics the softness of stuffed animals. You'll also find this type of Fake Fur coat available in a curly lambskin style, exuding elegance without animal cruelty.

The faux fur biker jacket is another favorite among international fashion enthusiasts, adding both coolness and warmth when paired with pants, dresses, or skirts.
For those in love with sporty fashion twists, MADELEINE offers jackets and coats crafted from a refined material mix of faux fur, quilted, and lined textiles.

If a standard Fake Fur coat doesn't make a strong enough statement for you, our webshop features sophisticated patterns, including coats in leopard print or with graphic designs. Regardless of your choice, cozy jackets and coats made of Fake Fur turn winter into a more beautiful experience.