Culottes - A Beautiful Fusion of Skirt and Pants

Culottes are an intriguing blend of skirt and pants. These models feature wide legs, often resembling a skirt from a distance, yet they offer the comfort of pants. This makes culottes appealing for women who seldom wear skirts. The ample legroom provides great freedom of movement, allowing you to comfortably cycle or sit during a picnic, enjoying the benefits of trousers. Moreover, culottes camouflage bulkier legs and create an illusion of a slimmer silhouette.

Culottes - A Symbolic Garment for Confident Women

Culottes originated in the 19th century when women weren't allowed to wear pants. They served as a compromise between the prescribed skirt and the practicality of pants that many women yearned for in those times. Thus, culottes have a significant historical background, now making a fashionable comeback. Culottes offer versatile usage. Paired with a fitted white blouse and high heels, you're stylishly dressed for the business realm. For leisure, light sneakers and a simple shirt complement them well. Adding a matching bag and delicate necklace elevates your outfit, subtly showcasing your fashion sense. If invited to a chic evening event, culottes are a trendy alternative to a dress or classic skirt.

Culottes - Pants in Various Variants

At MADELEINE Mode, you'll find culottes in numerous lengths and crafted from different materials. Options range from knee-length to calf-length, 7/8 trousers that end at the ankles, and various gradations between knee and ankle lengths. Ankle-length models are particularly recommended for women with less slender legs as they emphasize the slimmest part of your leg, the ankle, creating an overall slimmer look. Additionally, we offer culottes with pleats that pair well with lace tops. Models with creases or box pleats are also available. Lightweight fabrics that drape beautifully around the legs, such as soft flowing jersey fabrics made of viscose, are predominantly used.

Versatile to Combine: The Black Culotte

In the world of culottes, black models are highly sought after. They have the advantage of pairing with tops in almost any other color. Furthermore, interpreting a black culotte is the easiest. Pairing it with a trendy top creates a modern and stylish look, while a blouse in high-quality materials like silk exudes elegance. If you're wearing a jacket with your culottes, choose a style that ends at the height of the waistband. This visually divides your outfit into two halves, creating harmony. However, culottes are available in many other subtle and bold colors as well. Pinstripes are suitable for the business domain, while culottes with vibrant prints pair best with solid-colored tops. The models are so diverse that there's a suitable piece for every individual style.

Culottes Offer Many Combination Possibilities

Depending on the design, culottes can look elegant, stylish, or sporty. They also offer numerous opportunities to create different outfits. Pairing them with a T-shirt or a simple top creates a modern look, while a chic blouse enhances an elegant appearance. On slightly cooler days, you can wear a sweater, a long-sleeved shirt, or a slightly warmer blouse with long sleeves. Culottes also look beautiful when combined with blazers, vests, and other jackets. If you love contrasts, pairing an elegant culotte with a casual black biker jacket can be a great choice. Generally, fitted tops create a beautiful contrast to the wide culottes. However, blouses, tunics, shirts, and oversized sweaters can look equally good when loosely tucked into the waistband.

Culottes - A Chic Garment for Winter and Summer

The reduced leg length of culottes beautifully showcases your shoes. Therefore, investing in a stylish pair of shoes is worthwhile. You can wear flat or high shoes according to your preference - even in a striking color. Lace-up shoes and sneakers complement the trousers as well as pumps or high heels. Strap models are a good choice as they exude femininity. During the winter months, many women like to pair their culottes with ankle boots, booties, or boots. Fine stockings or tights keep the legs warm during this time. In our online shop, you can purchase a wide variety of culottes, from regular sizes to petite sizes.