Sneakers – Uncomplicated Shoes for Every Look

Sporty, elegant, or casual – sneakers are versatile shoes for everyday wear and leisure. The term 'sneaker' derives from English, where 'to sneak' means to move quietly or softly. Hence, a typical characteristic of sneakers is already embedded in their name, as their rubber soles and design ensure a gentle step. Visually, sneakers are a fusion of sports shoes and low shoes – depending on the model, they might lean more towards one style or the other. Often, these shoes feature laces or at least decorative lace eyelets and a tongue insert. The construction of the multi-layered sole culminates in a robust profile at the bottom. Inside, a tailored insole ensures comfortable wear. The heel area in many sneakers is reinforced to provide optimal support even during extended wear. Classic sneakers lack a heel, but a hybrid form exists: Sneaker wedges. This fashionable variation combines the sneaker style with a wedge heel and an ankle-high upper. At MADELEINE Mode, you'll find a selection of fashionable sneakers for your individual style. Whether elegant leather sneakers or airy canvas sneakers – our shop offers the right model for every taste.

Exclusive Sneakers at MADELEINE

Thanks to their uncomplicated design, sneakers are suitable for leisure activities such as cycling, an afternoon in the city, or a relaxing stroll through the park. However, it's essential to differentiate between sneakers and actual sports shoes: the latter are explicitly designed for sports and workouts, while sneakers are casual everyday shoes. Nevertheless, it's easy to notice a similarity between these two types of shoes: sneakers are a fashion evolution of the classic sports shoe. Originating from youth culture in the 1950s, they gained significant fashion and social prominence from the 1980s onwards. Sneakers became suitable for everyday wear, solidifying their place in shoe fashion. Now, even business outfits incorporate sneakers. With elegant models in subtle colors, it's achievable, reflecting the wearer's fashion finesse. At MADELEINE, you'll find an exclusive selection of refined sneakers. They stand out for their exceptional appearance and convince with high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Choosing the Right Sneakers for Your Style

Not sure which sneaker model matches your style and best complements your personal look? MADELEINE assists you in finding your ideal sneaker. If you're sporty and prefer an uncomplicated, fresh look, opt for sporty sneakers closely resembling sports shoes. Feel free to choose vibrant colors, and even block stripes or contrasting laces appear casual and add a fashionable accent. Sporty sneakers with a high sole pair well with fitted trousers and a loose blouse. Cuffing the trousers and leaving the ankle area exposed adds femininity and a casual vibe. If you prefer a more playful and original style, retro-design sneakers are the way to go. They're eye-catching and emphasize your individuality. Or do you see yourself as a representative of an elegant and feminine style? Even for this look, there are suitable sneaker styles available. They bear only a vague resemblance to sports shoes and exhibit a closer proximity to classic low shoes. Often made from fine leather or glossy patent materials, they feature subtle and elegant color schemes.

Stylishly Combining Women's Sneakers

Although women's sneakers come in countless variations, the choice of color should be made thoughtfully, considering your existing wardrobe. If you're considering a sneaker in a striking color or with an extravagant pattern, keep the rest of your outfit simple. Otherwise, your look might appear overloaded and restless. Contrasting laces or glittery appliqués set strong accents that should be considered when choosing your trousers. Especially with striking appliqués, the rule 'less is more' applies. Plain sneakers in black or gray offer more flexibility in pairing: they seamlessly blend into the overall picture and take a backseat, serving as the foundation for a harmonious interplay with a patterned sweater or a shirt with a striking print. Delicate white or light gray sneakers can be paired with dresses. The material of the sneaker also shapes the overall look. Fashionable black leather sneakers, for instance, create a slim look and go well with a T-shirt and jeans. Brown leather sneakers complement a casual look with warm earth tones. Canvas sneakers and synthetic material models are ideal for pairing with a loose leisure dress or a maxi skirt. They exude a relaxed vibe and remain comfortable even after extended wear. If you prefer something more unique, silver models are a good choice: these sneakers go well with a simple outfit, adding the necessary touch of extravagance.