The Origin of the Pump

Pumps originated as open shoes without closures over the instep and with a thin sole, originating in Italy. Their current name is derived from the Italian word 'scarpino' (small shoe), from 'scarpa,' which means shoe in Italian. Leather pumps can have square, pointed (or narrow), or almond-shaped toes. At the end of World War II, French fashion designer Charles Jourdan introduced a new trend: he was the first to place very thin and high heels on pumps. Previously worn by both male and female designers, heels were considered an erotic symbol. This elegance was popularized by the Jourdan family.

Pumps: From a Thin Sole to a Stiletto Heel

The elegance of pumps is characterized by the presence of a more or less high and especially thin heel. The heel height of pumps varies between four centimeters and more than ten centimeters. If it exceeds these ten centimeters, it is called a stiletto or needle heel. As a symbol of elegance, pumps are the quintessential evening shoe. They are also worn as a city shoe (in an urban style, with a suit or an elegant dress, and so on). Leather can be a fetish object, making leather pumps the symbol of female elegance. Visit the website of MADELEINE Fashion Switzerland for purchasing pumps online.