MADELEINE's Sport Collection for Active Women

Do you enjoy staying fit? MADELEINE's exclusive sportswear line, offers stylish and comfortable activewear for various sports activities and sporty yet comfortable clothing for relaxed hours. Whether you prefer exercising outdoors, at home, or in a studio, with MADELEINE, motivation almost comes naturally.

What does the MADELEINE Sports collection offer?

From head to toe, the MADELEINE Sports collection goes beyond just sports tops and leggings. From warming sports jackets and breathable sports bras to sport accessories like trendy sports shoes and matching sports bags – at MADELEINE, you'll find perfectly coordinated sport outfits that equip you perfectly for your favorite activities.

Which sports are suitable for MADELEINE sports clothing?

In the MADELEINE collection, you'll surely find your new favorite looks for your home workout or gym session. For activities like yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi, the collection offers beautiful looks made from soft and stretchy fabrics that follow every movement and asana: flattering yoga pants, elastic yoga shirts with short and long sleeves, printed bodysuits, and sophisticated cover-ups like tie-up cardigans turn every yoga session into an elegant wellness experience. You can store your outfit in the matching backpack or color-coordinated sports bag, and your yoga mat fits perfectly in the corresponding yoga bag.

If you prefer outdoor workouts like Nordic walking, hiking, or jogging, MADELEINE offers breathable running shirts, tights, sports bras, cool sweatshirts, as well as jackets with and without padding. This way, you're functionally and stylishly equipped for both summer and winter workouts.

Thoughtful sportswear made from smart materials

For the sports-collection, MADELEINE uses only high-quality materials that truly provide soft comfort during your workouts and accommodate every movement without annoying pinching or slipping. The highly elastic qualities from microfiber or viscose-stretch gently hug your body, while breathable fabrics ensure a comfortable feel even during intense workouts.

MADELEINE Sports: Not just for sports

Perfectly dressed on the way to the studio and quickly headed to the city after the workout: with the stylishly designed sport looks from PRIVACY SPORTS, you're always perfectly dressed. And the cool sportswear blends wonderfully into your everyday wardrobe, creating a trendy athleisure look. The exclusive designs with trendy leopard prints, fashionable colors, and refined details like logo applications with glittering stones ensure this. For example, pair a hooded shirt or a figure-hugging polo shirt with casual pants or a relaxed, solid-colored blouse with jogger pants from the collection, and you'll get an individual and sporty look.