Exclusive Short Dresses for an Elegant Look

Short dresses are the perfect choice when you want to exude a feminine allure. At MADELEINE, every woman finds the dress that best accentuates her features. Whether knee-length and chic or a bit shorter, whether for formal occasions where you shine in the evening, sophisticated business outfits, or vibrant summer dresses for a beach vacation – in our exclusive selection, you'll discover your new favorite piece. Wear short dresses for various occasions as an evening dress, cocktail dress, sheath dress, summer dress, or knit dress, and create your unique look.

Luxurious Materials and Exciting Colors

Exquisite materials like fine wool, lightweight cotton, and silky fabrics captivate with an elegant appearance and superior comfort. Shimmering silk-stretch gracefully flows along your feminine silhouette. Models made of linen offer a pleasantly light and cool feel on hot summer days. Equally advantageous are elegant Lyocell dresses that delicately drape around you, ensuring ample airflow. Short dresses made of leather showcase your curves in a sophisticated and refined manner. For colder days, cashmere provides softness and distinguished hues.
The color range in our collection is equally versatile: fresh greens and noble blues, subtle browns and grays, sunny yellows, sophisticated whites, and numerous playful combinations. Capture attention in a bold red evening dress or command authority in a black evening dress. Classic and extravagant shades make our short dresses diverse and easy to mix and match. Exciting graphic patterns and prints add stylistic accents full of vibrancy and color.

Short Dresses for Your Body Type

Fashion-conscious women understand that short dresses can flatter any woman. At MADELEINE, you'll find short companions in sizes 34 to 48. For petite women, the online shop offers dresses in short sizes, while taller women can explore corresponding long sizes tailored to their proportions. Thus, you'll find short dresses that accentuate the advantages of your individual figure.
Strategic prints and patterns visually slim the waist and flatter your feminine silhouette. Seam placements, lace, and refined necklines skillfully draw attention to your favorable features. Thanks to high-quality craftsmanship and thoughtful fits, both very slender and curvier women can find attractive, short-cut dresses online. Choosing the right color will further enhance the perfect effect.

Mastering Concealment with Short Dresses

Whether sheath dress, slim knit dress, summer dress, cocktail dress, evening dress, or A-line mini dress – at MADELEINE, you'll find all popular styles, with or without sleeves. If you're very slim, you'll look just as stunning in a slim-fitting knit dress as in a classic black mini dress or a body-hugging evening dress.
For those with a few more curves, attractive dresses with clever draping, frills, and wrapped tops are ideal. Dresses made of delicate fabrics that gently graze the knee create an airy feel, while fitted jersey or knit dresses accentuate the figure more prominently. A-line models conceal slight curves at the hips and buttocks: the A-line dress skillfully guides the gaze past the thighs, showcasing the legs that appear slimmer towards the bottom. Pairing them with high heels effortlessly elongates your figure. To match formal occasions, consider combining them with a short blazer. With the perfect fit for you and sheer tights, you'll undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

Models in All Style Directions

Your personality is as unique as your appearance. That's why at MADELEINE, you'll find short dresses in various style directions. Floral prints and frills are ideal if you adore romantic dresses. A short black dress is perfect for women who represent a timeless, elegant style and know how to reinterpret classics with fashionable bags, shoes, and accessories to stay current.
Do you love an elegant yet casual look? In our shop, you'll find wonderfully comfortable short knit dresses. Pair them with fashionable tights and classic boots for versatile outfits. Plain tights complement vibrantly colored dresses as well as monochrome ones. With the latter, the stockings can also be patterned or even colorful to serve as an eye-catching element. This way, you'll be dressed equally well for a walk or a city stroll with your friend.

Short Dresses for Formal Occasions

At MADELEINE, you'll find a selection of versatile short dresses that suit both your business and private life. A short dress is a classic that can be presented and styled in various ways. The proverbial "little black dress" is versatile, fitting for official appointments and romantic dinners alike.

Elegant short dresses are perfect for upscale social events. Short, fitted evening dresses, along with cocktail dresses, are ideal in women's fashion for galas and parties. Whether a private celebration or a public charity event, whether on a yacht, at a high-class restaurant, or on New Year's Eve – short formal dresses, with their exciting details, are the perfect companions for lively festivities. Particularly, silky fabrics have a festive shine; sequins, rhinestones, and embellishments serve as additional eye-catchers. As a wedding guest, you can also appear in a short dress, as it clearly differs from the often floor-length bridal gown and is equally suitable for the post-ceremony celebration.

White in Short Form for Casual Occasions

A white dress exudes romance and lightness. It's ideal for an outdoor party and can be elegantly paired with sandals or ballet flats. As white dresses are very delicate, the light fabric is usually patterned. Alternatively, you can opt for a pastel-colored dress, possessing the same lightness, and easily combinable with nude-colored shoes and accessories. Light-colored models are especially suitable as short summer dresses for holidays. They appear sophisticated and match a cruise or a romantic beachside dinner just perfectly.