The Fashionable Jersey Dress – Versatile and Elegant

A jersey dress combines elegance and comfort in one garment. It gently hugs your skin while highlighting the advantages of your body. At MADELEINE, you can discover the full diversity of jersey dresses: online, you'll find excellent fits, expressive colors, and meticulous craftsmanship in numerous sizes, including an exclusive selection for petite ladies.

Comfort that delights

Jersey dresses offer exceptional comfort due to the elasticity of the material. This elasticity results from the special production process of jersey fabric, where various fibers are knitted in specific patterns. Consequently, the dress gains several positive attributes: it comfortably adapts elastically to the wearer's body and retains its original shape even after washing, ensuring long-lasting joy with your dress. Additionally, jersey fabric is highly receptive to vivid prints and elegant in bold colors. Because jersey fabric wrinkles minimally, these dresses are ideal for a long day at the office or during vacations.

Wide range of cuts and designs

The timeless elegance of the jersey dress ensures it never goes out of style and can be consistently paired with accessories, jewelry, and shoes to create intriguing combinations. At MADELEINE, you'll find models in various cuts: choose between tunics, knee-length jersey dresses, mini dresses, or long empire dresses.

In terms of neckline and sleeves, there are also many options. At MADELEINE's online store, you can find jersey dresses with a deep round neckline, fashionable waterfall collars, or V-necks. Choose between sleeveless dresses, long-sleeved dresses, or three-quarter sleeve variations. Considering different types of jersey fabric, MADELEINE also offers dresses suitable for every season, with materials mostly composed of cotton, viscose fibers, and silk.

The right jersey dress for every body type

Thanks to the extensive selection at MADELEINE, you can quickly find a jersey dress that cleverly showcases the advantages of your figure and size. For slender women, the body-hugging mini-version of the jersey dress is particularly flattering. Stylishly complement the outfit with pumps and an elegant blazer. Tall women can showcase their legs in a jersey dress with a side slit, while shorter ladies might prefer a shorter length to visually elongate their appearance by a few centimeters.

To reduce the appearance of a larger bust, opt for a waterfall neckline. Conversely, a wrap jersey dress or a model with a V-neck can make a smaller bust appear fuller. Highlight your waist and feminine silhouette with a belt, a tie band, or drapery. Jersey dresses are also suitable for larger sizes. Note that vertical lines or seams and a V-neck visually elongate the figure. An flared skirt or drapery around the midsection can help conceal curves.

Choose your color: Black, Blue, or Red?

MADELEINE's online store offers the jersey dress as a timeless and elegant garment in classic colors like black or red. A black jersey dress suits almost any occasion, and you can continuously reinvent its appearance with a colored silk scarf or extravagant shoes. A red jersey dress is a true classic, representing a determined and dynamic appearance for businesswomen. It's also ideal for a romantic dinner.

Printed jersey dresses are genuine eye-catchers as the prints stand out excellently on the slightly glossy material. MADELEINE's range includes printed jersey dresses for women in many striking variations. From size 34 to 48, you'll find attractive dresses in our store that will keep you impeccably dressed for numerous occasions.

Cleverly combining jersey dresses

Depending on your taste and occasion, you can showcase a jersey dress in various ways. Wear it as an evening dress, cocktail dress, sheath dress, lace dress, or summer dress! Stylish ankle boots or elegant pumps complement the timeless black dress. Add an eye-catching element with a printed silk scarf. High boots and a striking bag transform it into the perfect outfit for a city stroll. Jersey dresses are easy to pack, making them excellent business attire for conferences and business trips. Pairing it with a blazer or a cropped jacket in a simple color will skillfully complete your look.

Jersey possesses a natural shine, allowing you to beautifully combine it with silk scarves or smooth leather shoes. Elevate a simple black jersey dress for the evening with long satin gloves. For a chic interpretation of your jersey dress, pair it with elegantly glossy leather pants or fashionable lace leggings. Depending on the style and neckline, a long necklace with a fashionable pendant works as well as an elegant pearl necklace.