Exclusive and Comfortable Nightdresses for the Stylish Lady

A nightdress is more than just a nightdress. From cuddly long-sleeved sleep shirts to body-hugging short shirts a la negligee, and elegant nightgowns, at MADELEINE, you'll find nightwear in your size that stylishly dresses you in the evening and keeps you warm and cozy at night.

Finest Materials from Cotton to Silk

As diverse as the cuts are the choices of materials, determining both comfort and appearance. Unparalleled elegance and wonderful comfort await you in nightwear made from silk with a fine shimmer. If you prefer classic styles, you might lean towards breathable high-quality cotton or the skin-friendly fabric of snugly soft flannel, providing a delightful sensation on your skin.

Many women have discovered viscose, which skillfully outlines the silhouette, as well as modal. Modal, derived from elaborately processed beechwood, is notably sturdy and absorbs body moisture well. Similar to viscose, modal rests comfortably against the skin, offers high wearing comfort, and drapes gracefully. The addition of elastane in the fabric ensures a more comfortable fit, allowing the material to glide smoothly against the body and adapt to the wearer's movements.

Ladies' Nightdresses with Fine Lace

Visually enhancing nightdresses for women often feature subtle or contrasting lace inserts. These delicate additions are frequently made from a blend with a high polyamide content, rendering the delicate, sometimes semi-transparent patterns or floral vines of the nightwear robust while imparting a sensual, almost erotic touch, usually associated with negligee.

When the inserts match the entire nightdress, the lace cutouts become more beautiful, allowing the woman's skin to create contrast—lightly bronzed shoulder areas peep playfully, for instance. Embrace the allure of contrast in nightdresses for women in black or dark red, and dare to explore other shades, such as a vibrant petrol. Dark green or deep blue also accentuate these designs.

The Nightdress as Short, Half, or Long Sleeve

An extremely feminine version of the women's nightdress is the nightgown—especially elegant in silk. The cuts strongly resemble daytime dresses, yet the fabrics and construction ensure comfortable sleep. Nightgowns vary in length, often reaching to the calf or ankle.

Choose between designs with adjustable straps, short sleeves, half sleeves, or long sleeves, according to your preference. Short nightdresses with straps or short sleeves are suitable for warmer external temperatures or if you prefer slightly higher heating in the evening. Women who tend to feel colder might prefer a long nightgown with long sleeves. Long sleeves—reaching the forearm or wrist, with or without cuffs—help maintain warmth, preventing you from getting chilly at night.

Slumber in Exclusivity with Nightgowns

Nightdresses in the form of dresses possess another quality: they exude romance. This is particularly true for models with unique designs, such as embroideries or subtle appliques. Some designs feature a buttoned decorative strip from the waist upwards or ruffle embellishments at the neckline and hems.

The lower part of other models gradually widens towards the calf or ankle, creating a beautiful sway while walking. In delicate hues, these elegant-looking night garments further accentuate the wearer's charm. Vibrant colors like deep violet or red particularly emphasize a woman's sensual side.

Sleep Shirts – the Cozy Alternative

Nightdresses for women are also available in the casually fashionable version of a shirt, perfect for evening leisure and subsequent restful sleep. With sleep shirts, experience cozy fabrics in comfortably loose yet feminine cuts. Sleep shirts often boast prints in fresh colors, lively patterns, or appliqued flowers. Contrasting hems add a cheerful touch.

Women valuing freedom of movement appreciate sleep shirts as an alternative to standard nightdresses, as they're typically cut looser and shorter. Additionally, sleep shirts are lightly tailored and equipped with medium-length sleeves. Some models feature a button placket on the front and clever shirt pockets.

Ladies' Nightdresses in a Wide Selection

The lovely nightdresses for women at MADELEINE turn your evening into a stylish relaxation time. Their warmth and lightness practically invite you to linger on the sofa or bed, whether you're sitting in front of the TV for a while or reading a good book.

And rest assured, you'll look great in these delicate garments. The nightdresses for women boast feminine tailored cuts, gently swaying fabrics, and meticulously applied extras like ruffle trims, button plackets, and above all, plenty of delicate lace. We blend comfort with a beautiful appearance for you. Find your new nightwear online now, in your size and perfect fit."