Exclusive Dressing Gowns at MADELEINE Mode

A dressing gown is an elegant garment that allows a sophisticated lady to feel completely comfortable at home. Whether spending a cozy Sunday with a good book on the sofa or indulging in a tranquil morning applying a facial mask, your dressing gown ensures comfort during moments of relaxation at home. At MADELEINE, discover snug dressing gowns of high quality, offered in fashionable colors and creative prints.

Dressing Gown versus Bathrobe

Have you ever pondered the difference between a dressing gown and a bathrobe? Bathrobes are designed to be worn right after showering or swimming. Made from absorbent materials like terrycloth, they effectively soak up moisture from your skin.

On the other hand, a dressing gown is lighter and thinner than a standard bathrobe. At MADELEINE Mode, you'll find classic housecoats and kimonos that can be worn as both bathrobes and dressing gowns.

Dressing Gowns for Women in Suitable Colors

A dressing gown isn't just pleasant against the skin; it also exudes refinement. Whether answering the doorbell or leisurely preparing in front of the mirror, in an elegant dressing gown made of silk, satin, or another exquisite material, you'll feel comfortable and elegantly dressed in every situation.

The suitability of a dressing gown depends largely on its color. Remember that you might wear it when just waking up, with no makeup. Therefore, opt for a color that complements rather than contrasts with your skin tone. A warm shade can give you a fresh complexion and a natural rosy appearance.

Red, Black, or Classic White

Radiant white dressing gowns or satin robes in a cream tone exude sophistication. Intense red hints at a 'femme fatale' allure, while shimmering black not only emphasizes a slender figure but also adds a touch of controlled nobility. Apart from white, black, and red, the MADELEINE online shop offers solid-colored dressing gowns for women in blue, berry, and various bold and subdued colors.

Colorful prints are ideal for occasions like hospital stays or spa retreats. Women's dressing gowns or kimonos with prints appear friendly and less like nightwear, more akin to tastefully chosen loungewear. Additionally, printed dressing gowns are less conspicuous if not freshly ironed after transportation in a suitcase.

Some models feature playful details. Ruffles, striking trims, and fringes create an individual and modern look that you'll adore. Meticulously crafted and equally elegant are dressing gowns for women adorned with appliqués featuring eye-catching cutwork.

Kimono in Silk, Satin, or Cotton

Surely, iconic movie scenes come to mind where a Hollywood diva elegantly presents herself in a silk dressing gown. At MADELEINE, fulfill your desire for a luxurious silk or satin dressing gown. You'll find noble fabrics that beautifully highlight your presence. It's best to wear a silk dressing gown with a delicate silk nightgown or a negligee. Since pure silk, much like satin, possesses a natural shine, the gown pairs well with other glossy garments, such as lingerie.

While a silk dressing gown is exclusively for nightwear, cotton dressing gowns are versatile. Cotton absorbs body moisture and, when tightly woven, is completely opaque. Thus, this model serves as a substitute for a bathrobe or housecoat.

Dressing Gowns in Comfortable Velour Fabric

To transform a cotton dressing gown into a genuine bathrobe, the natural material is processed into terrycloth or waffle piqué. For those seeking elegance but desiring the qualities of a bathrobe, consider dressing gowns made with a smooth exterior and a thin terry layer inside.

If you intend to wear your dressing gown solely as indoor wear, velour robes are practical yet sophisticated. Velour is plush, providing pleasant warmth, it's easy to care for, and doesn't require ironing after washing. Thus, you'll always have your snug robe made from fine velour ready whenever you're home. Some housecoats contain microfiber, making the material light and absorbent. These are ideal for travel as they don't wrinkle and are lightweight.

Dressing Gowns in Various Cuts

At MADELEINE Mode, discover an exclusive and wide selection of dressing gowns in various cuts. If you wish to accentuate your slim waist, classic kimonos that tie with a wide belt are recommended. Or perhaps you prefer a gown that closes with buttons or a zipper? This adds a touch of extravagance.

You also have the option to choose between different collar styles, such as the shawl collar or intricate collars with ruffles. Explore dressing gowns in calf-length, knee-length, or short styles. You'll surely find a shape that complements your body, your preferences, and your unique style."