Figure flattering fashion tips

Celebrate your body shape with fashion advice to flatter every figure.


Slender upper body and round hips.

Directing the focus onto your upper body will counterpoise your silhouette and highlight your shape.

Opt for patterned and structured, colourful tops, which ideally should show your neckline. Wear in combination with subtle, dark garments underneath.

Your outfi t is best rounded off with short, striking necklaces. Wow everyone even further by wearing high heels in muted colours.


Relatively equal bust & hip proportions with a slight waistline.

Generate a fl uid contour to underline your fi gure. Aim for slender, long skirts or trousers and mix and match with straight-cut, short tops.

Colour-blocking, diagonal and lengthwise patterns will fl atter your curves.

Wear a long necklace or drape a scarf in a casual manner to top your look off.


Relatively equal bust & hip proportions with a smaller waistline.

Show off your fi gure and accentuate your waist.

Wear anything that makes you feel good. This feeling will come across in the confi dent way you present yourself.

Emphasise both your décolleté and waist with lavish necklines and elegant belts.


Fuller bust, pronounced shoulders and slender hips.

Emphasise your slender hips and your legs.

Aim for unique cuts with structure. Use colourful trousers or skirts and pick tops that are relatively simple for a subtle sexiness.

Add striking shoes for an exciting, outfit highlight.


Fuller body shape with full bust.

Focus the attention on your décolleté and legs. Use tone-on-tone colours.

Tops with rounded or V-necklines go great in combination with both short and long skirts as well as with slimline trousers, to elongate your silhouette.

Place accents with prominent accessories from shoes to necklaces.