Shoe sizes

How to work out your shoe size:

Stand on a sheet of blank paper in stockinged feet and draw around both of your feet. Then measure the distance between the tip of your toe to the heel, in centimetres. This measurement can be used to work out your shoe size from the chart shown to the right.

Shoe width

Not only is the right shoe size important for a good fit, but also the correct shoe width. All MADELEINE shoes are made in shoe size F. The shoe width F refers to the width of the average-sized foot. The shoe width refers to the volume of the shoe in the forefoot area. This is the area from the big toe to the little toe. In order to determine the width and the volume, then wrap the measuring tape around the widest point of the ball of the foot when measuring the bare foot. With a shoe size 37, the ball circumference is 22 cm and increases by 0.4 cm per size (shoe size 41 - 23.6 cm).

Shoe sizesShoe sizes