Stylish Sunglasses for Women

A pair of sunglasses for women is an integral part of a fashionable outfit on sunny days. Simultaneously, it protects your eyes from harmful UV rays and provides better visibility while driving by reducing glare. At MADELEINE, you'll find a selection of fashionable sunglasses suitable for wearing throughout the year. Whenever the sun shines, it's time to don this wonderful accessory. The right sunglasses complement your unique style, offer a perfect fit, and can be versatile in their combinations. At MADELEINE Mode, you'll find sunglasses that suit you well.

Consider the Size When Buying Sunglasses

When selecting sunglasses, it's not just about the color of the frame or lens and the shape. It's crucial that the lenses are large enough to offer adequate protection to your eyes. Very small, round lenses pair excellently with flowy summer dresses, floral blouses, and linen trousers. Since smaller lenses cover only a smaller area around the eyes, if paired with a wide-brimmed summer hat, this aspect becomes less significant. For individuals with a rounder, broader facial structure, it's important to buy sunglasses with flexible temples. This ensures a secure fit without leaving pressure marks or overstretching the temple pieces.

Buying Sunglasses - Consider Your Face Shape

Every individual has a unique face that can be advantageously accentuated with the right sunglasses. Sunglasses can make a narrow face appear more defined, optically reduce the nose size, and emphasize cheekbones. When purchasing sunglasses, don't be overly swayed by what's currently in trend. Look at photos from past vacations and analyze which type of sunglasses made you look particularly attractive. Then add fashionable accents with frame colors or lens tints. At MADELEINE, you'll find various frames suitable for different face types.

Even though your face is unique, it probably falls into one of four face shapes: square, round, heart-shaped, or oval. It's not always easy to determine your face shape by looking in the mirror. Review a photo or ask a friend to assess your face shape. When buying sunglasses, remember that the lenses are usually darkly tinted, and the frame often has a specific color, which can also alter the overall effect. Therefore, selecting sunglasses that harmonize optimally with your face shape is essential.

Women's Sunglasses - the Right Shape for You

Do you have a square face with a prominent chin? Aviator-style sunglasses suit you very well. Round shapes and delicate frames create a feminine look. For a round face shape, it's best to choose sunglasses that elongate your face. Achieve this with classic browline sunglasses that define contours. Heart-shaped faces are further accentuated with cat-eye sunglasses. With an oval, narrow face, you have the freedom to choose almost any sunglasses. You can play with the latest trends and find the right model for your new summer fashion.

Tips for Wearing Women's Sunglasses

Many people rarely wear sunglasses in everyday life but primarily during vacations. However, the distance to work doesn't justify complete abandonment of etiquette. Whenever you're unsure if wearing sunglasses is appropriate, push them up into your hair or casually tuck them into the neckline or breast pocket of your blouse. This way, you have this chic accessory readily available. It's customary to remove sunglasses when greeting someone, and during a conversation, it's nice to be able to make eye contact. For on-the-go stain removal caused by sunscreen, use a glasses cleaning cloth. Microfiber cloths are suitable for removing small dirt particles. For cream or other fatty substances, use a moistened cleaning cloth.

Conveniently Buy Sunglasses Online - Naturally at MADELEINE

At MADELEINE, alongside a vast selection, you'll find various services, including the option to buy sunglasses on invoice. After selecting your model in the shop, all you need to do is order the right clothes to complete the perfect look. Ensure that the frame color complements both your hair and your clothing. Also, when styling, it's important to test how your hairstyle looks once you put on the sunglasses. Emphasize your lips with a strawberry-red lipstick or a shimmering lip gloss since your eye makeup will hardly be visible under tinted lenses. Women's sunglasses are available in different styles, shapes, and colors at MADELEINE. In our shop, you'll find suitable models for your look.