Quilted Jackets - A Warm and Stylish Must-Have for Chilly Days

When the cold season sets in, there's one wardrobe essential that stands out: the quilted jacket. But the options are more diverse than ever before! Regardless of the style, they all share the cozy comfort of quilted or padded fabric, offering a delightful warmth. At MADELEINE, you'll discover a wide array of quilted jackets - you're bound to find your new favorite among them.

Practicality Meets Fashion: Versatile Quilted Jackets

Originally designed as specialized clothing for the U.S. Air Force by pilot Steve Gulyas, the quilted jacket gained popularity in high society in England after his military career. The classic look of the traditional quilted jacket remains timeless and immensely popular today. However, the style has evolved, presenting various shapes and forms. For those in love with urban athleisure, options like short, voluminous, or oversized versions of quilted coats are available.

Warmth with Style

Quilted jackets offer delightful warmth, thanks to padding made from down, feathers, or synthetic fibers. Down coats, especially, keep you snug in freezing temperatures. At MADELEINE, we also offer jackets and coats with sustainable padding made from recycled polyester.

The Ultimate Transitional Piece

Quilted jackets aren't just for winter; they make perfect companions on cold spring days or during the transition into colder weather. In spring, if you're tired of darker hues, opt for feather-light quilted jackets in bright pastel colors - they're a breath of fresh air. Even during summer's chilly nights, a lightweight summer quilted jacket can be the ideal layer. Explore our collection for lightweight quilted jackets featuring refined style elements like peplums, rhinestone embellishments, quilted blazers, and reversible designs. Enjoy browsing our online shop and conveniently order your new favorite jacket right to your doorstep.